Marble 4 Life

Marble 4 Life

The Challenge

Marble4Life were being charged a lot of money by their original web design company, who had rushed their site’s design and implemented an unsuccessful SEO strategy. As a result, the site had a high bounce rate and wasn’t attracting enough business.

The company therefore required a solution to their design and SEO issues that would increase the amount of traffic to their site and keep visitors engaged.

Our Strategy

We needed to evaluate the company’s problems with their current site and devise a new SEO strategy and digital marketing campaign to remedy them. A complete redesign of the site was also necessary.

What we did

After analysing Marble4Life’s site to find out what was responsible for their high bounce rate and lack of engagement, we completely redesigned it with responsiveness and the company’s high-end, professional image in mind.

We also put a plan of action in place to increase the site’s ranking in search engine results, ensuring it was completely up to date with the latest SEO trends. By managing all of their social media accounts, we provided the digital marketing solution they required to increase business.

Marble 4 Life


“The team at Marble4Life are extremely pleased with the professional service we received from T&G Web Design. Our search engine ranking has vastly improved because of the SEO plan they put in place, and their expert digital marketing strategy has helped us to grow our business.”