APG Domestic Services

APG Domestic Services

The Challenge

Plumbing and heating company APG Domestics had already spent a lot of money on their original website by the time they got in touch with us, but were struggling to achieve a high ranking in search engine results. The lack of support they were experiencing from their original web design company was also impacting business.

Our Strategy

A discussion of the issues APG Domestics were having with their current website was followed by research into what could be done to improve their search engine ranking. We decided that their site needed to be completely redesigned, and a fresh SEO strategy had to be put in place.

What we did

After a thorough analysis of the market to find out what the end user was searching for, we then restructured the entire site. By evaluating APG Domestics’ SEO plan, we improved their position in search engines and increased their lead generation. The company experienced a 150% rise in traffic to their site as a result.

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APG Domestic Services


“We can’t thank T&G Web Design enough for all of the work they have done for us. Since they redesigned our site and implemented a new SEO strategy, traffic has increased beyond anything we could have imagined and we are now reaping the benefits.”