New WordPress Website for APG EV Charging Points

We have just finished developing a brand new website using WordPress as a content management system for our client APG EV Charging Points. APG are based in Lancashire and are big players in the Plumbing and Heating industry. They recently expanded into the electric vehicle charging industry however.

They asked us to design them a brand new responsive website to showcase their new services and how they can help owners of electric vehicles save money by having a ev car charger installed in their home. They handle the installation and setup as well as saving up to £500 on your car charger for you by applying for a government grant known as the OLEV grant. Read more about APG’s home car charging services.

Now that the new website is live, we will be providing our expert SEO services and digital marketing package to help them rank on the various search engines as well as building up their loyal audience on Facebook and some of the other leading social media platforms.

Here is a blog post we have just completed that talks about electric car charging at home. Over the coming months, we will be creating many more blog posts on their site as well as building location based landing pages to help customers recognise APG’s services and the locations they operate in.